How To Design Excellent Logos For Your Website?

Your logo is your brand badge! It acts as an icon that represents your brand name, your company and your business. The irony is your cannot change your business logo across online and offline mediums. Therefore, it is important you design your logo such that it looks as good on the website as it does on the company stationery.

The Internet offers much more flexibility than most offline mediums regarding logo design, courtesy its dynamic technologies and high-tech features such as 3D effects, Web 2.0 logos with all the shade and shine effect and the list goes on. As technology continues to evolve, logo design has come to be more and more innovative and unique. Businesses seek bold logos that stand out from the crowd and make a statement for itself. The primary function of a logo should be to enhance brand visibility and improve user response.
Here are some tips to design powerful and visually appealing logos that fulfill both the above mentioned purposes.

Appropriateness and Timelessness
Appropriateness and timelessness are two key factors that you should consider while designing your logo. First, your logo should be an appropriate representation of your business. It should be an embodiment of your business values and be iconic of your history and status in the market. People identify your company and business with your logo. This is why it is important to streamline the essence of all of them. Secondly, your logo should not be a meek follower of any prevailing design trend. Rather, it should be a strong design that is timeless and stands apart on the internet.

Consistent across multiple media
Web logos are different from offline logos. And even offline logos exist in different forms like print medium, billboards and so on. Your business logo should remain consistent across all media be it online or offline. It should display well on the web as well as the company stationary as well as on the billboard on the company headquarters. The trick is to make it recognizable across different forms of media.

Placement on the web page
Logos are generally placed at the top left areas of the web pages. This is because Internet users generally start viewing a web page from the top left corner and thus the logo becomes the first thing they see. This is a very common trend with websites and that is why it is regarded more like a rule for the same. The whole idea is to make the visitors identify the brand image of the business so that they are able to recognize your business by the same. You cannot have your website everywhere but what you can have is your logo. When people start identifying you with your logo, they can recognize you just about anywhere.

Avoid Blatant Trends-Following
Design trends come and go. That is why it is not a good idea to make your logo conform to any existent design trend in the market. Not only will it seem a blatant and non-imaginative adaptation of a prevailing trend, it will also have no individuality and look like just one of the many illustrations of a trend. Moreover, once the passes away your logo will look out of fashion. Thus it is important to create logos that stand out by themselves and represent your company values and beliefs.

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