Your Website and How it Reflects You


Last week we touched on some things that you should look for in your web design to make sure that it reflects an appropriate image of your business. Today, I’m going to explore some other ways that your website can reflect who you are and who your business is.

On the Internet, you can be anyone you want to be. A single person, with the right web design, can appear to be a large company. This is especially important with small businesses and their web design. This should remind you of just how integral a good web design is for your company. Starting a business can be difficult and money can be hard to come by, but a solid website that makes your company appear professional is extremely important.

This also plays out the same way for larger businesses. There are many times that you don’t want to look like a huge business. Your web design can turn your visitors away if you appear too big or the visitor feels too small. Make sure that the potential customer has a means of contacting you to which you actually respond in a timely manner. This is probably already considered for the mega size websites out there, but for the small business on its way up, these are important things to lay the foundation for.

So whether you are a big business with 100 employees or you are three guys getting the job done by yourselves, your website will express the business that you design. Depending on your web design, visitors may feel more or less comfortable trusting you with their business. Making sure you appear very professional yet very approachable is a good way to get started. CODANK has helped countless businesses, big and small, achieve the image they needed.

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