Web Design For Beginners

Many people are looking to the Internet these days to either expand their business or simply to connect with others by creating a blog or even a family website. There was a time when creating a professional looking website meant that you had to either hire someone to design the site for you or you were required to learn programming such as html. Those days are in the past, as long as you know where to look.

There are many resources for website designers, but very few are geared toward creating a streamlined website that is easy to update and also looks like it was professionally created. A major problem is that there are millions of websites today that simply have not been updated in months, or even years! I think many times people will create a site, and then they find it is too much of a hassle to keep it updated, or they might have paid someone to create it but cannot afford to pay someone to update it. There are a few tools that make it very easy to not only create a website, but also keep it updated. As someone who has designed websites for over 6 years now, I even find myself attracted to these tools. They are not only a great solution for the non-programmer but they can even save a seasoned designer a lot of time when updating sites or refreshing the design structure.

One of these tools I will discuss is XSitePro. This software was originally created with the Internet Marketer or Affiliate Marketer in mind, but don't let that intimidate you. The software makes creating a website as simple as choosing a template and then using an interface similar to word to type in your content. One of the biggest benefits to new webmasters is that they include quite a few templates with the software, so you can browse through and choose how you want your website to look.

Although XSitePro is a great tool for beginners, it does offer many advanced features for the experienced webmaster. You can create snippets of code that are easily inserted into every page. For example, suppose you are using a javascript type counter and want it to be in the header of every page. The software makes this as easy as putting the code into one box and it will automatically be inserted into every single page that is created. There are many features that are beyond the scope of this article.

I imagine in a few years, it will be almost a requirement to have an online presence. Most businesses have already realized the benefit of a website, and many people are using the Internet as a way to express themselves or become involved with online communities. If you have been dreaming of creating a website, but have no clue about html or design, you should know that there are solutions available that can help you realize your dream.

Jamie Ratliff is a website designer and Internet Marketer. He has recently introduced new ways for beginners to get started with building websites or expanding their business to the Internet. You can learn more about Jamie at his blog at http://www.jamieratliff.com

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