This is Post From GNOME blog

This is Post From GNOME blog

This is Post From GNOME blog, test posting from GNOME blog,

Install GNOME blog in ->Ubuntu Software Center->Search->gnome-blog->install,

Link Too Downlod

About GNOME blog

GNOME blog is a desktop blogging application for Linux and Unix. Easy and quick to use to help you writing your great blog posts.

Any bugs or feature requests should be done through Bugzilla.


Simple to use interface

WYSIWYG styled text support

Panel popup allows entries can be written gradually over the course of a day

Spell checking

Drag and drop support for images

Supported Blogs

Movable Type



Any other blog using bloggerAPI or MetaWeblog

Latest news

March 7, 2010

New web site released!


Latest stable release is 0.9.2

Packaged stable releases should be available through your distribution.

Sources are available at

This GNOME blog is nice too post

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